Learn To Fly

The pleasures of this spectacular sport are available to everyone; you need no previous flying experience.
Soaring is a stimulating learning experience.  As you progress through our training program, you’ll be sharpening your coordination and judgment, your knowledge of the weather, and your ability to  safely plan and prepare for increasingly challenging flights.  You’ll discover that soaring never goes stale, that no two flights are ever the same. The endless variety of weather conditions and the ever-changing clouds and atmosphere make each flight a totally new experience.

Sailplane pilots are licensed by the FAA upon completion of their training. Solo flight is permissible at age 14, with 16 being the minimum for obtaining the private glider license. The FAA requires no medical exam for glider pilots. This is in contrast to other powered aircraft ratings which require a periodic medical exam to stay current.

Learning to fly has the following components:

  • Mechanics and skills of glider flying
  • Aeronautical knowledge of subjects such as, aerodynamics, weather, regulations and others
  • Good judgment and decision-making skills while flying
  • How quickly you solo is not important. What is important is that you learn everything you need to be a safe and competent pilot.