2022 Little Guys Meet!

We’re excited to announce that Aero Club Albatross will be hosting a Little Guys Meet during Labor Day weekend at Blairstown Airport! This is a fun, low-key event where folks can try out competition and cross country soaring in a friendly environment.
Please contact Daniel Sazhin (Contest Manager) at danielsazhin@gmail.com or 347-277-0262 to reserve a place on the grid! Limit of 20 gliders for the grid!
Silver Class:  (Handicapped, 1-26 Championship style tasks)
  • Bill McHeffey (308)
  • Ron Schwartz (680)
  • Pierre Grellet-Aumont (686)
  • Philip DuPlessis (440)
  • Paul Harris (550)
  • Guido Castrogiovanni (692)
  • Julia Karasinski (D2)
  • Fiona Harnischfeger (B7)
  • Joe Bradley (126)
Gold Class: (Regional Sports Class style tasks)
  • Daniel Sazhin (BT)
  • JP Stewart (X8)
  • Boris Kubrak (Greta)
  • Paul Seifried (TD)
  • Sebastian Wuerth (V3)
  • Lukasz Furdal (2B)
  • Rick Healy (ACA)
Practice Day: Friday, September 2nd
Contest Days: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday September 3rd-5th. 
Rain dates: Friday September 9th (practice), 10th-11th contest days.
No entry fee!
Tows: 2,000ft ($60). Tow price reimburses expenses of running the meet. Tow price applied for pilots who submit a log for scoring and/or use the grid during the meet.